Wojcik’s work has appeared in publications such as Rise Collaborative, Living Life Fearless, and Buffalo Rising. One can tell the young writer is a busy, dedicated, fun and passionate person in what she chooses to write about and in her commitment to telling each story in a respectful, informative, creative way. From covering justice organizations, like 716 Squash and the Ignatian Family Teach-In, to local coffee shops and poetry events, Wojcik finds a way to bring out the importance of a subject, while connecting readers to its relevance.

My Artist Statement

I try to seek out stories that bring awareness to social justice issues, as well as connect my passion for writing with contemporary culture. Writing for my college newspaper sparked my initial interest for journalism. Now, I am fully invested in this profession. I’ve seen how journalism can create positive change and how I can be a part of that by being conscious of the stories I write, the voices I try to give a platform to and the issues I highlight. I feel most empowered when I write, but especially when I write about the realities of my local community.

Moreover, my passion for local journalism intersects with my passion for poetry. I value my local poetry community, and going to readings and events greatly influences my own writing (which I am severely missing in the time of COVID-19). I'm inspired by the dedication and respect artists give to words, and there is something immensely powerful in local, talented people creating things that helps, empowers and encourages the people around them.​ I think there is much to be explored in terms of creative writing and nonfiction storytelling.

This is what I hope to do as both a poet and journalist, which is to help, empower, and encourage people through my writing. With journalism, I want to make a difference with the stories I tell. This could be through highlighting a new coffee shop and encouraging people to support local businesses, or through covering protests downtown and exposing some of the misconceptions about local government, as well as trying to hold people in power accountable. With poetry, I hope to articulate my thoughts, feelings, and understandings of the world more creatively in order to evoke questions about such abstract things. Overall, I am attempting to blur the lines between journalism and creative writing, while always incorporating my passion and respect for my local community.