Delmar DivINe seeks to bridge the Divide

With a transformation of the empty St. Luke’s Hospital, the Delmar DivINe is now open on Delmar Boulevard. This new, collaborative work and living space is dedicated to maximizing capital in St. Louis through a focus on nonprofit organizations. With amenities for both nonprofit and residential tenants in the historic building, Delmar DivINe’s mission is to improve the lives of children and families in the metropolitan St. Louis area.

What is the Montessori Three-Year Cycle?

When children first come into a new classroom it is a bit like what happens when transplanting a perennial flower: they need some time to establish their roots and initially don’t show a great deal of external growth. This first year in a classroom is when children are exploring their environment and making sense of their new community. Learn more about the Montessori Three-Year Cycle in this blog post!